Moissanite delivers more fire; brillance and luster than any other hard jewel on earth.

Fifty thousand years ago a meteorite crashed into the Arizona desert creating what is now known as "Meteor Crater." Fragments of this meteorite were scattered across the desert.The most brilliant jewel in the world. Hidden in these fragments was a brilliant secret waiting to be discovered.
In 1893, Nobel-Prize winning scientist Henri Moissan began studying fragments of this meteorite from nearby Diablo Canyon. In these fragments Dr. Moissan discovered minute quantities of a shimmering new mineral, with fire and brilliance never before seen on earth.
Using an uncommon combination of art and science, moissanite was introduced in the summer of 1998. Welcome to a world made brighter by moissanite, now available on earth. 
Moissanite is the crystal of the future. This white crystal of silicon carbon can be cut into faceted shapes up to 5.00 carats. In comparison to diamond, this crystal is lighter and colder than diamond. Moissanite can withstand three times more heat than a diamond. Because of its chemical makeMoissanite, the stone from the stars up the Moissanite crystals have a greater refractive index and higher light dispersion than that of a diamond. Moissanite has a hardness of 9.50 on the Mohs scale (of mineral hardness) a diamond is a 10! So Moissanite is very wearable and durable. The crystal stones can be cleaned by all conventional methods and solutions. Moissanite is not only durable and beautiful, but it is about one third the cost of diamond.
Moissanite, the stone from the stars, is here today for any piece of jewelry.
Just about any gem setting can be replaced with a moissanite gem.

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