Jewelry Repair
Most repairs take 2 to 3 days. Express (24hrs) services available at additional charge.

Jewelry Repair
In store jewelry repair of 10K, 14K, 18K and platinum and fabrication. Loose diamonds and colored gemstones available. Bell's can supply gemstones and set any style mounting. Bracelet, chains, and earring repair offered. We solder charms onto charm bracelets too! Diamond and gemstone resetting is also available.

Re-tip Prongs
Most jewelry is designed to last forever with little or no maintenance. However, the prongs holding your diamonds or gemstones in your ring can wear down to the point they can easily be broken or damaged, thus risking the loss of your stone. Annual inspection of your ring’s prongs is recommended. Bell's re-tip prongs of any karat or platinum mounting.

Re-String Pearls and Beads
Whether your pearl strand has broken or you are interested in strengthening your pearl necklace, Bell’s can handle the in store repair. Pearls are strung on thin silk stands that can weaken, stretch or even break over time. Having your pearls restrung is essential to protecting your pearls. The occasional wearer should have their pearls restrung every 3 to 5 years. Pearl cleaning is also available.
Unfortunately, we do need 2-3 weeks for all restringing.

Like watch repair, clock repair is becoming a lost art; however, Bell's Jewelry does repair and inspect wall and table-top clocks. For repair, all clocks must be brought to the store.

Costume Jewerly and Findings

Bell's offers repair of costume jewelry. Whether it is plated, overlay or gold filled, Bell's can lengthen or shorten or replace a synethic stone. We also have a large selection of clasps and closures on hand as well as earring backs.

Cleaning and Polishing
If you ever wondered why most jewelry is made from gold, bring your ring in for a cleaning and polishing and you will see for yourself. Your ring will look like it did the day you bought it, shining and glistening with all of its luster.