Custom Jewelry and Casting

The origins of the lost wax process are shrouded in antiquity, but it has been used for thousands of years to produce objects in metal which could not be produced any other way, due to the complexity of their form. It permits anything that can be modeled in wax to be transformed into metal, and is still used today for fine jewelry.
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Custom jewelry design and manufacture is something Bell’s has been known for and truly it’s their specialty. For over 67 years, Bell’s Jewelry has been well equipped to handle any kind of custom work from start to finish.

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Bell’s Jewelry specializes in unique custom jewelry that you cannot find in a big chain jewelry store. With two bench jewelers on staff and another in training, Bell’s can take your ideas and even your ‘old gold’ to create a one-of-a kind piece. ‘Old gold’ saves money by using your broken gold chains, old rings, outdated jewelry and earrings or any old gold that you no longer wear. It doesn’t make sense to leave jewelry sitting in a drawer when they can be transformed into jewelry that can be worn and enjoyed.